I typically make about 3 drafts because the first two helps me grasp and brainstorm about the topic. Therefore, I try to write everything I can think of in bullet points so that I don’t forget it later on. I happen to write just like Lamott says because I know that the more time I spend on a paper it will come out better in the end so I don’t like to rush it. I was not surprised by her chapter title because I know it is true and it is something that I do so I acknowledge it. The first draft is something that helps me get started to what I want to write about. Most of the time they are shitty but as I’m off to writing the second one it helps me further think of ideas and gives a better start to my draft. I think I don’t have to change the way I write because the way I have been always doing it is most likely another way of saying “shitty first draft”. I actually like this method because it helps me organize and format my writing.