Different kind of Drawing tools

  • Drawing papers
  • brushes/Palette/Container
  • pens/pencil/color pencil
  • paints/ink/watercolor
  • tablet
  • computer with a drawing software

And more…

clean drawing table/ Space



imagination/ Creativity

Open minded



Time and Efforts


  1. Get all the supplies you need
  2. Sit in a clean table
  3. Think of a theme of what you want to draw
  4.  Do some research about the theme you choose
  5. Make a concept map and putting down some ideas of what you going to draw
  6. Find some reference online that relates to your theme
  7. Draw as many thumbnails sketches into your sketchbook as you can and categorize into different concepts (same theme)
  8. Write down a short description of the idea of each concept (events, inspiration..etc)
  9. Draw some sketches/draft, and Practice drawing different details related to your theme
  10. Choose the best drawings from each concept´╝łthumbnail´╝ë
  11. Draw out each concept to a bigger paper
  12. Choose one best concept as your final drawing
  13. Using photoshop to modify some details
  14. Finalize your drawing