***Before doing any procedure you must confirm patients full name and date of birth.

Materials (ingredients) for the tray

  • gloves, butterfly needle, gauze, band-aid, tourniquet, alcohol wipes, tubes to collect the blood


  • wash your hands with soap, put the gloves on, check the patients arm or hand for the vein,
  • place the tourniquet
  • wipe the arm or hand with alcohol wipes (spot where the needle will be inserted)
  • insert the needle 30 degree angle if it’s arm, 15 degree angle if it’s hand
  • collect the blood into the tubes in order (color)
  • remove the tourniquet on the last tube (do not leave it for more than two minutes)
  • make a pressure with gauze to stop the bleeding and place the band-aid


  • if patient faints from a blood draw then you have to ask them to get in supine position and have a conversation with patient (perhaps, people who holds their breath while drawing blood, they start feeling light-headed and end up fainting)
  • have a blood pressure cuff to check patients blood pressure and cup of water as well

***Process by spinning the blood using the centrifuge machine and send them to the Lab with the right patients requisition form.