I understand the term “genre” as a form of art or entertainment where communicative interaction involves and it can be written, spoken, audio or visual. 10 Genre’s that I encounter every day: Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, BabyCenter (app), Youtube, Google, music, media news, photography, children’s book.

As a new mom I always try to be on top of my babies development, meaning that I use application called BabyCenter which has expert information,insights and tips for pregnancy and parenting. So, this app gives you daily parenting guidance through your baby’s first year.

The audience of this app is moms in general, who needs support and advice from others. App also, connects with moms of babies born the same month as yours, the same moms you met when you were pregnant. You can chat with moms using the app and post pictures, have your calendar.

Photos, I love taking pictures of my little baby. Because, I think we are lucky to live in a modern, progressive world where we can capture amazing things and have them for life. The audience will be my family who will look at all those memorable pictures.