Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life.
1. hand drawing/illustrating
2. Watercolor
3. Literary
4. We Chat
5 Comics
6. Anime
7. Google Drive
8. Guinea pigs
9.Chinese tv shows
Name one or two that you like best and say why. Who is their audience? What sort of language do they use?
I like hand drawing/illustrating and watercolor the best because I think drawings can tell more than just words and gives people more Imagination and creativity. Also, different drawing style and media or the decision of using what type of drawing tools can define a person‘s identity and their genres.  My audience can be my major teachers, classmates, and people who have the chance to critique the drawings. And people tend to use art words, such as color, Composition, Tone, Texture, Mood, lighting…etc.
What is your understanding of the term “genre”?
My understanding of the term “genre” is the style on which people defined themselves, people can have many different genres and become a person’s identity/personality.