Nicola Caracci


Reading 1 

1) It usually takes 2 to 3 drafts of a piece of writing it all depends on what type of piece it is that I’m working on. I also write a “down draft”, an “up draft”, and a “dental draft” like Lamott says. I was not surprised about her chapter’s title because I believe also that the very first draft in something will always be the “shittiest”. I do not think I will have to change the way I write if I decide to write a “shitty first draft”. 


Reading 2 

1) I feel very comfortable composing a piece of writing in this genre because I would think of it as just writing a normal post that I would usually on Facebook no matter where it is being posted the writing will always be the same. I do feel more comfortable then someone much older than me in this instance, they may not write as well because they could start possibly clicking all the different features by mistake and some mistakes they might make is I do not believe there is any spell check on Facebook so just like me there could be the same grammar and spelling errors as I would have. 

2) My favorite title was “Time Traveler: Everyone In The Future Eats Dippin’ Dots” 

3)  Some rules I carry around in my head are to always try and make my story seem interesting as a great storyteller to keep the reader hooked. I do not have a genre I struggle to write in. I like to write in all genres and quick to adapt to whatever type I need to write to.