1. After 8:30,my english class end


subway on a A train :

sound of train kunch kunch kunch kunch kunch dong dong people are so quie everyone is playing their phone

ding dong ding dong door is closing

noooooo heyyyyy said the kid heyyy heyy sisisisi sound of plastic bag

nooo i dont want to awww said the kid

put it there the women said

this is broadway junction

my brain;finally

walking along my way to j

sound of elevator people walking running

on J train:

people sniffing

stand clear of the closing door please

large bags and containers subject are random search by the police

please be consider it and give up your seat to the elderly

ererererer sound when train are stopping

3/26/19 9:21

Waiting for J:

omg 9!!!min so cold ,im frizzing sisisisisis

a women is listen to her music and taping her umberlla tap tap tap ….tap tap tap …

brain:omg so annoying finally she is gone