Be apart of many organizations and provide valuable substance and involvement for example a non for profit organization. Meet many like minded individuals who may share the same beliefs or interests as you. At times frustration may come along the way or a bit of confusion may tackle your brain but it is manageable. Be prepared to talk to many different types of people coming from many different walks of life and learn as much as you can about them. You will be in many situations that you have never experience which will force you to learn and grow as you go on . Go to many conferences and meet many influential people, receive some awards or recognition for the wonderful work you’ve done throughout your leadership journey.

What to Expect:

After joining an organization that focuses on leadership. Be prepared to hosts events, reach out to like minded people like you. Read a lot of books about people you may perceive as influential to you. Go above and beyond in anything you do and be visionary in everything you do within that organization. Develop a purpose or a motive for being apart of an organization.  Practice self reflection and see how you can improve yourself for others. Working with others is very important skill that you will be utilizing while being involved in a leadership organization.

Important Information:

-Sign Up is usually at the beginning of the semester, be on the look out for club fair to gain more information as to what leadership organizations you would like to join.

-Leadership Organizations usually are in effect all semester long besides summer term


Additional Info

Be prepared for a life changing experience and get ready to make a change and meet amazing people.

Cancellation Policy:

It is okay if you decide not to be apart of an organization due to personal reasons but always know your help was and is always appreciated and noticed.

Reviews :

“*” Represent the Stars

Cathy: Amazing experience. I would do it again if I could *****

Allice: Very stressful do it if you actually care for others and you have a purpose ***

Candice: Great resume builder!!*****