An older person may not write as well as I do on social media (facebook) because it was founded in my generation, where social media is very in use. We young people are very accustomed with the social media hash tags and ways to utilize social media like face book.

Some mistakes they might make is probably writing too much for instance on social media captions are usually not that long as well as posts. They probably wouldn’t know how to reply to comments and to use famous hashtags. I also think they would have issues maneuvering the app as well.

When writing I try not to hold any rules in my head, and I try to be as free as possible, because I feel that is when my writing comes out the best. I wouldn’t say there is a particular genre that I struggle to write about it is more figuring out what to write about.

Dirk gives a few examples of tittles in “The Onion” my favorite one was, “Study: Dolphins Not so Intelligent on Land” I found it very funny because Dolphins are known to be extremely smart and the tittle is completely the opposite.