I usually write about two drafts when writing a paper. The way I always start is writing down ideas that may come to mind or something that I would really like to say in my paper. It helps me a lot because I eventually insert it in my piece of writing. For me it’s a constant battle of wanting to say so many things, but not knowing when and how but after a couple tries and drafts the job usually gets done. I usually write a downdraft because it is the easiest for me, I tend to have a lot to say , so when getting it all out it feels therapeutic. My thoughts are already there so it is just a matter of organizing them. I don’t think that I will have to change the way I write because I tend to just throw ideas onto my paper whether it makes sense or not. When reading “Shitty first Draft” I felt as if I can relate to it a lot because , it really shows the real process of writing not that structured academic intro, body and conclusion process we get taught throughout our younger years in academics. Writing is that thing where you know it’s going to take you somewhere but you do not know where and the reason we may not know where is because writing can take you anywhere and that is the power of our thoughts as humans.