Project #1 Introduction (Final)

My name is Eftekar but I would prefer to be called Efy. I am 18 years old and a freshman in college. I live in Brooklyn and I used to attend the High School Of Telecommunication Arts and Technology. My major is Art and Advertising design. I chose this major because I’m really interested in art. Most of the time when I’m not busy and have nothing to do I turn to art. My personal aesthetic or  artistic style  is drawing with a pencil and a journal size sketchbook. I don’t mind drawing on a bigger canvas but I prefer to draw on a regular size canvas. Usually, my drawings are simple but can have positive feedback. When I draw I rarely use color because my style of art is more realistic then cartoonist, so I leave the sketch with its shading/contouring. In the future, I hope to see my self as a famous artist/ advertising person working for a famous company or even better owning one of the biggest/famous companies.

The picture I chose for my avatar is a sketch that I’ve drawn my self, It’s called “growing without knowing”. The way to describe it would be a rose growing in the shape of a question mark, and the rose’ roots are wrapped around a heart, also the rose looks very bright and full of color. I chose this to describe me as a person because I’m interested in art and this is a piece of my work. To go in deeper meaning, this sketch describes me because as I was growing older, year by year adults like teachers or my parents would always ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up” and my answer would always be different or not really relating to what I really want. This is because I really didn’t know what to do when I grow up but I knew what I like to do as a hobby an that is to draw.

When looking at my avatar people might see differently then what I intend to portray. The viewer might think of their own deeper meaning of what the picture is. They might think I didn’t know what to chose as my avatar because of the question mark and they would think that I’m a hard person to get along with because of the thorns on the rose or they might be just confused because the avatar isn’t straight forward to the viewer.

I feel like my profile would help others know more about me as a person. It would show what I’m interested in, what my aesthetic is and what I hope to become. My profile would also help me meet new people that are interested in the same things I’m in.


Project #1 Introduction (Final)

Hey, My name is Xingfu, but I prefer people call me Ruky! I’m from ZheJiang, China, 18 years old. I came to N.Y. 4 years ago, still learning English. My major is graphic design, I haven’t decide what I want to be in future yet. currently I’m interest post videos on YouTube. I like to listen electrical and instrument music. I spend most of my free time playing games and making videos of game play, such like GTA v, Minecraft, and League of legends. I also watch anime, my favorite anime is one piece, Fairy tail, and Pokemon. Sometime I like to draw my own anime character.

The avatar of mine is one of my drawing, I hope people can see me from this drawing. In my avatar, the boy has red hair which is my favorite color. The halo means sometime I’m act silly. Hand covering mouth, I’m very shy when first meet people, but when we become good friends, I will show more of my self and they will be thinking “oh! so this is his ultimate form!”  The wings, people some time think I have two different personality, because sometime I made people feel I’m a very friendly and peaceful person, nice to talk with. But some time I make them feel like I’m ruthless and a careless man, this is because I felt boring. Anyway, the point is I don’t have two personality. The poor looking clothes means that i’m not born in a wealthy family, but not that poor. The drawing is exaggerated.

People might think my avatar differently. The wings, I think most people will think that the wings means i have multiple personality, or double standard of my mind. The halo, people might think that i’m good person, but actually I’m not.

My profile will convey that my personality is not exactly like how my avatar have shown. This matter because I don’t want people think how I truly am by looking my avatar. And I hope people can know more about me by reading my profile.

Ruky's avatar

Project #1 Introduction (Final)

My name is Brian Mifsud a Maltese American just to clarify Malta is an island in the Mediterranean. I’m a freshman at Citytech but I recently graduated from La Salle Academy. I’m an overall friendly person especially with people I get familiar with. I enjoy using my imagination to think of things that may make good stories or visuals. On my down time my mind tends to wander as I imagine my favorite characters whether they’re from video games or cartoons, in different situations that no one has seen yet in the hopes that someday I may be able to bring those imaginations to life. I really love learning new things especially when it helps me further my artistic abilities. There is so much I don’t know about animation and graphic design but I’m not about to let that stop me. With that knowledge I hope to be able to create amazing worlds and characters where ever I end up so that I may be able to provide entertainment for others. Mainly because I really want to affect people’s lives with what I’m creating whether it’s making somebody laugh or teaching someone an important lesson I feel that with the things I am learning I can accomplish that.  I have been inspired into becoming an animator after finding a company called rooster teeth where I found great animated shows like RWBY, Red vs Blue, and their newest show X-Ray and Vav.


The avatar I chose to represent myself is the Achievement Hunter name and logo. It consists of green script lettering for the name Achievement Hunter. The logo itself is a circle with a green star in it, in the middle is a small black joystick which to me symbolizes them being gamers.  This picture means a lot to me because I like all the Achievement Hunters am a gamer I also like to consider myself an unofficial achievement hunter because in games I always try to get all the achievements that the creators put in the game. But also because of Achievement Hunter they’re videos have led me to their main site Rooster teeth. Like I said before the site brought me to animated shows like Red vs Blue and now RWBY these shows have inspired me into becoming an animator because they showed me to do what you love in life with shows like RWBY it shows me that when you’re an animator you can let your imagination run wild and create things you would never be able to otherwise so it helps me become inspired an continue doing what I love which is drawing. They have also showed me the wonders of what animators can bring to life and how they can immerse their audiences in the worlds the created and the characters inhabit it.


To others my avatar may be misleading. Most people won’t be able to understand why I have chosen the logo as my avatar. Some may think that I have chosen the picture as my avatar only because I am a fan of Achievement Hunter. Or they may think that I want to work at Achievement Hunter.  But that is only a small part of it. Mainly because to me they have been a huge inspiration to me in terms of what I would like to do with my life after college.

My complete profile will covey that I am very determined and hard working to get what I want. I will not give up on something that I put my mind to accomplish. I tend to express myself either through games or drawing mainly because they are both what I am the best at. I will work as hard as I can until I deem something to be complete so that others will be able to watch, admire, and enjoy my work.

Project #1 Introduction (Final)

Jaichan Kirty (Jay) graduated from high school, Hillside Arts and Letters Academy in 2015. He is now nineteen years old and a freshman in college. Jay was born in Guyana but moved to the United States eight years ago. He is a shy and quiet person at first, but when you get to know him that’s when he does not stop talking. Jay major is Graphic Design. He chose this as his major because this is something he really like doing. He likes to express himself by designing what he think of. Jay is very good at computer graphics. He does numerous of designs. For plays, random videos, power points, posters, etc. Many people consider his skill to be graphic designing, although Jay thinks otherwise. Jay claims he does this for “fun” but he is an amazing artist and has a great sense of creativity. His drawing are beyond imaginable. He is also the most caring, most wonderful person you’ve ever met.

Jay is known for his graphic designing on facebook, and what he has done in high school. The administrators at his high school even asked him to create the official website for the school, which he had the honor of doing all by himself. That is something he is very proud of. You can check it out, its He also created and managed his high school’s facebook page. ( He created all the material posted on the page. He is mostly proud of the videos he created for his school. You can watch some of them on the facebook page. Many people tells Jay he’s talented when it come to that. Jay is very passionate about his works, especially graphic designs, his style is random really. He creates whatever inspires him. When you are also down in the dumps Jay is always the one to make you rise like the sun bursting with joy and happiness. Although it may rain on Jays end, he never lets the rainy days get the best of him. He’s smart, fun to be around, likes to mingle and always the one to laugh or make a sound. In five to ten years Jay sees himself owning his own designing company and starting to be known around the country.

The avatar I chose to represent myself is a hot-air-balloon. Firstly this picture of the balloon is not a photograph, it has been graphically designed, which is my passion. This picture means more to me than just it being graphically designed. The balloon is rising in the air just like how I will not give up on something that I put my mind to accomplish. The balloon is rising just like how I like to soar in life. The balloon’s black center represents what experience I yet have to learn. The sky is the limit for me, and even further beyond that. I said I am very creative and as you can see in this picture, it is also very creative. I like how the designer uses the colors to make the subject pop out. This balloon is insulted by itself, just like how I like to be by myself sometimes. I like to work in a peaceful and quiet place with no distractions. This balloon is the only thing recognized in this picture, just like how I like to be recognized also. This is why I choose this subject as my profile avatar.

My avatar could be misleading to some because you really need to dig deep and think deep to understand how it connect to me. People may see this picture and think I like to ride on hot-air-balloons, which I never even tried in my life but something I can see myself doing for fun.

My complete profile will convey that I am a very creative and hard working person. My passion is graphic design and I have a lot of experience is this field already. I will not give up on something that I put my mind to accomplish. I express myself throughout my works because that’s the best way I know how. This matters because if someone is to hire me for a job they need to know that I give my best. I will work day and night if I have to, to give the best product the client will love. They need to know I am very good at what I do and that will give me recommendations and more jobs.

Project #1: (Revised)

Sometimes I wonder to myself, what are people’s usual first impressions about me upon meeting me? What do people assume and infer about me as an individual at a glance? I am a Freshmen here at City Tech. I am 18 years old and I am of Ecuadorian and Salvadorian descent. I live in the Bronx (6 line) and I’ve had a passion for visual arts for as long as I can remember. Ever since I could even speak, I used to always tell my parents how much I wanted to be an “art-teeest” as I used to say it. Growing up i became more and more fascinated in the way art was used to decorate the world around me, and how important it was to so many people in being able to express ideas and imagination. I began to draw and paint every single day. I used to carry my mini sketchbook with me everywhere I went. In it i would have such childish but imaginative and crazy drawings, which till this day, I still possess that free style in my work. I used to beg my parents to take me to the MOMA almost every weekend, after my first time visiting it when i was in first grade. I continued to grow more and more inspired, although when i reached high school, I had dropped my passion for it due to an unexpected tragedy in my family. However, i decided to continue to pursue what i have always known and loved, and i decided to make it my major in college and re-ignite that passion I’ve always had. I aspire to be an animator or a concept artist in the future, and pursue making a living out of what i love to do. I can imagine myself in the future creating beautiful and complex works of concept art, that can potentially be brought to life through a video game or a feature film. THAT is what I want to do, and be successful at. A few years from now, when technology advances even more than it already has, i want to see my name in the credits of the newest blockbuster film or the hottest new video game release. Some words that describe me as a person are Timid, Stubborn, and Adventurous. Though I can be hard headed over small things sometimes, I’m pretty likeable and easy to get along with. I’m always the type to be very timid to speak when I’m around new people, but once you get to know me, I could talk about just about anything for daysss. I also love to discover and travel, and get into new things. Some things I’m into are baseball, DC comic heroes, drawing/creating/writing, anime, science fiction, horror and fantasy books, and traveling. I am more specifically a huge fan of the hunger games series,the Dragonball series, and Halo. I’m also really into Music and the performing arts (more specifically Broadway musicals), as i went to a performing arts high school, where I did many amazing things like be a part of huge concerts and shows, and met many famous music artists, performers, and actors.


There are many reasons and aspects as to why I chose this Avatar for my profile. My avatar consists of a piece of concept art created by Bungie Studios, for a video game called Destiny. Its almost like a design or blueprint, so to speak. A concept artist created this character and designed him, before creating it digitally through the game. Looking at the avatar, you can see the detail and information the artist input into these “blueprints”, and the very image he had in his head for this particular character. Not only am i a vivid player of the Destiny video game, but the art and character design in the game are simply fascinating to me. The aesthetic care and imagination that went into creating this “world” is mind blowing. Every time I play i can’t help but think of how amazing it would be to one day create such vivid and fantastical worlds and characters, and have them come to life in such a way. I aspire to be the one to create such concept art, after being inspired for so many years through movies, TV shows and other entertainment media.

Though my Avatar to me is a symbol of the passion I wish to pursue, there can be all types of interpretations as to why I chose it. Knowing a lot of people who are fans of the Destiny video game, anyone of those or other individuals could simply assume i just love the game. There could also be inferences that i have a pinpointed passion for just video games, which is not the case at all. Yes, i do love the game, but my main perspective is the art and passion that went into creating every single aspect of that game. Especially the concept art, which like I mentioned before, is something I’m pursuing to do. Through my entire profile, i wish to relay and make clear what I pursue, and how i plan to get there. I aspire to be the one to create such beautiful and fantastical worlds and characters, and make them come to life. And I will pursue this goal through education in the graphic arts.

Discovery: Avatars

Jingyi's Profile Picture
Profile: Jingyi

What I Observe:

  • An anime cat
  • A silly expression on the character


Based on Jingyis Avatar, i infer that she may consider herself a very funny, silly, and outgoing person. She may have chosen this particular avatar to reflect just that, as the character can be seen to have that type of personality. I also infer that this particular character may be from one of her favorite shows or movies, as it seems to have originated from an anime, based on the style the avatar is drawn.

After Reading Bio:

Based on Jingyis Bio, she is, matter of fact, a fan of anime, and aspires to make a career out of it. She also mentions she wishes to be a voice actor, which, after seeing her avatar, would probably give her choice of Avatar more sense.

Discovery: Avatars


Profile: Ayano

What I Observe:

  • An Adorable Anime Character
  • Japanese Lettering


Though its a very simple avatar, it could still speak volumes on the individual. I observe a grey-haired, red-eyed, fierce yet cute looking character drawn in the style of anime, a very popular style of art. This image gives me a sense of fierceness and adventure. I interpret a character that at a glance seems to have an adventurous spirit, and who isn’t afraid of anything. By the object in the characters hand, i inference the character to be Japanese in origin, due to the lettering. Based on all of this, i can make the inference that Ayano is a big fan of anime, and that she chose this character as her avatar because she defines herself as fierce, adventurous, and fearless. I can also infer that her nationality is Japanese.

After Reading Bio:

My inferences seemed to be pretty spot on, as Ayanos bio comfirms most of my assumptions. She is, matter fact, from Japan. She is a big fan of anime, and even aspires to pursue anime as a career in her future.

Discovery: Avatar



Profile: Brandy Ortiz

What I Observe:

  • A Young Girl
  • Hills in the Distance
  • Celestial Lights
  • Plants, Water
  • A Pedestal of some sort
  • Flower petals scattering


What I see in Brandy’s Avatar is a very complex and beautiful illustration of a very young looking girl in a fantasy-like setting. The girl seems to be holding something of mystical or magical essence, while positioned under a starry sky. I also see her surrounded by flowers, potted plants, and crystal water. She is alone, and looks to be very happy, blissful and feel independent about it. I depict the image as very magical and spiritual, with a sense of mystery as well.  Based on this avatar, I infer that Brandy is regularly a fan of genres like fantasy and science fiction. She may be into books, movies or TV shows about fantasy and magic. I can also infer that her avatar can be a reflection of her character. Perhaps she herself feels like an independent person, who loves the night and connects with everything around her in a very spiritual way.

After Reading Bio:

Most off my inferences were not really confirmed within her bio. Though the Avatar seems very complex and deep (to me), Brandy seems to be a more laid back, and simple individual. Although she IS a fan of anime. Which, being a fan myself, i know consists of a lot of fantasy, therefore sort of confirming my inference on her being a fan of such things