Project #1 Introduction (Final)

My name is Eftekar but I would prefer to be called Efy. I am 18 years old and a freshman in college. I live in Brooklyn and I used to attend the High School Of Telecommunication Arts and Technology. My major is Art and Advertising design. I chose this major because I’m really interested in art. Most of the time when I’m not busy and have nothing to do I turn to art. My personal aesthetic or  artistic style  is drawing with a pencil and a journal size sketchbook. I don’t mind drawing on a bigger canvas but I prefer to draw on a regular size canvas. Usually, my drawings are simple but can have positive feedback. When I draw I rarely use color because my style of art is more realistic then cartoonist, so I leave the sketch with its shading/contouring. In the future, I hope to see my self as a famous artist/ advertising person working for a famous company or even better owning one of the biggest/famous companies.

The picture I chose for my avatar is a sketch that I’ve drawn my self, It’s called “growing without knowing”. The way to describe it would be a rose growing in the shape of a question mark, and the rose’ roots are wrapped around a heart, also the rose looks very bright and full of color. I chose this to describe me as a person because I’m interested in art and this is a piece of my work. To go in deeper meaning, this sketch describes me because as I was growing older, year by year adults like teachers or my parents would always ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up” and my answer would always be different or not really relating to what I really want. This is because I really didn’t know what to do when I grow up but I knew what I like to do as a hobby an that is to draw.

When looking at my avatar people might see differently then what I intend to portray. The viewer might think of their own deeper meaning of what the picture is. They might think I didn’t know what to chose as my avatar because of the question mark and they would think that I’m a hard person to get along with because of the thorns on the rose or they might be just confused because the avatar isn’t straight forward to the viewer.

I feel like my profile would help others know more about me as a person. It would show what I’m interested in, what my aesthetic is and what I hope to become. My profile would also help me meet new people that are interested in the same things I’m in.


2 thoughts on “Project #1 Introduction (Final)”

  1. I really like your avatar and the heart tangled by the roots is very intriguing. When I saw your drawing, it was very different from mine. Which it made me think that you have an amazing skill that other people doesn’t have. I am more of a character design type of a person. I can see that you will be successful in future from the reading of your essay!

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