Discovery: Avatars


Profile: Ayano

What I Observe:

  • An Adorable Anime Character
  • Japanese Lettering


Though its a very simple avatar, it could still speak volumes on the individual. I observe a grey-haired, red-eyed, fierce yet cute looking character drawn in the style of anime, a very popular style of art. This image gives me a sense of fierceness and adventure. I interpret a character that at a glance seems to have an adventurous spirit, and who isn’t afraid of anything. By the object in the characters hand, i inference the character to be Japanese in origin, due to the lettering. Based on all of this, i can make the inference that Ayano is a big fan of anime, and that she chose this character as her avatar because she defines herself as fierce, adventurous, and fearless. I can also infer that her nationality is Japanese.

After Reading Bio:

My inferences seemed to be pretty spot on, as Ayanos bio comfirms most of my assumptions. She is, matter fact, from Japan. She is a big fan of anime, and even aspires to pursue anime as a career in her future.

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