color interactions: phase 3

Click on the link to view the color interaction pair-ups: lightningsun

Me and my colleague did not know nothing about each other. As an experiment we gave each other a color according to how we felt through our energy. My partner guessed violet and I green. Deeper research was then carried out to learn about color and psychology. Colors can often specify specific personalities, sounds, emotions, smells, and so on. That shows how the human mind links color to all the five senses and the power of color. We then learned different shades and tints of hues had more specific meanings which is how we chose the colors we did. Using knowledge we had on each other we chose the right shades for another and we used similar qualities for our influenced color. We’ve conjured the color yellow as our shared color. For our icons i chose a lightning bolt and he a sun. This  is because he loves electronics, nature and is a very straight forward person. Me because I love the summer, photography and traveling. Both icons relate because they both are found in nature and emit light. Time taken was around 90 minutes

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  1. I really like your logo and how the color interaction worked well with it! I am glad that the lighting bolt turned out great with the 3D effect. Also, with the sun where you made the inner circle (I think) to show that little line from the background. Your project over all have no flaw, just don’t forget to describe what you did in order to make this and how many hours you spend it on. Great work!

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