3 thoughts on “Value Added Portraits: Phase 2”

  1. You did a great job making that high key collage have focus, but there is missing pieces in the corners which kind of makes me lose that focus. On your broad range collage, you have an equal range of white, black, and grays. Again missing pieces in this collage.

  2. I agree with Brandy, you do not want those missing pieces. I really like your high key value, because the low key focuses in the middle and the others are high key. Other than, fixing those missing pieces, its great!

  3. While I agree with both Brandy and Ayano, I think that your centered arrangement in the high key image could be rectified with the use of some cutouts with lighter values, if you have any. Otherwise, if you’d just want to fill in all the white areas, you might opt for more values on the grayscale so you have more stuff to contrast with your intended focal point. Same for the broad range, although you’d also want to try and fill in the value ranges if you can, and avoid cutouts with recognizable features such as your mouth and nose, etc.

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