Project #2: Homework

I chose this subject of how Brooklyn is a great example of borough that shows the difference in social system. I chose this because I thought it would be a great opportunity to differentiate between two borough. I have never done this before which it is refreshing, of how I can really see each borough in positive and negative ways. What stroked me was how Brooklyn was a place that I had never thought it was a intriguing place. I thought that story of Brooklyn was something more dangerous of that people say in the news, where there is shooting and such occurs. Guessing and seeing difference in place where you walk, makes the view of its place unique. Of what I saw, the story of Brooklyn is further more than what I had imagined. Such beautiful construction of each buildings and how historic the place makes the tourist like me, who stepped into the location for the first time makes the yearn for more knowledge of the place. I would want to learn how Brooklyn made the tittle of Brooklyn, I believe that if you want to know something, search the place from the beginning. This would be my first step to do any research.

From the reading expert, “City Limits“ by Colson Whitehead, the author explains to the reader that sees the New York different from other people. As he grew up, city itself also reformed where he saw the overlaps of the things that other people would not notice the change. Because of the walk we done in class, I can relate the overlaps that I saw in Brooklyn, like Colson Whitehead have saw. How he explains one of his paragraph that, old residents that he knew had been there disappeared overtime. As it relates to my overlap of T-mobile store had shutdown within about a week in Brooklyn, and not many people have noticed.

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