Project #2: Including senses

As I was making my way towards my location, I walked through a busy street filled with different kinds of people, different kinds of smells from food carts, construction and honking cars. The lively area of Fulton Mall is filled with a variety of different stores all in one place. While walking I came across a Dr.Jays right next to Banana Republic. After seeing that I felt a bizarre feeling because Dr.Jays is usually a store you would find in the Bronx while Banana Republic is a store you would find in Manhattan. The juxtaposition here is that Manhattan is more of a welcoming, metropolis area that tourists like to flock to . On the other hand the Bronx is more of a hood area that most people would be afraid to be in. The overlap of these two stores is just odd since the locations that they primarily found in are completely different in terms of environment and social status.


1 thought on “Project #2: Including senses”

  1. I understand what you mean about how some stores from Bronx and Manhattan are next to each other in Brooklyn. When I sent for my walk around that area I got a weird feeling but in a good way. I am guessing that Brooklyn represent some kind of equality between things in different borough. How there is a image of Manhattan being rich and Bronx, not so much. Where on other hand, Brooklyn in some what represents in the middle.

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