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research Proposal

Daniel Pelaez Guevara

May 26, 2019

Prof. Schmerler

English 1121

Research Proposal

Since the creation of video games, people have lashed out against their creation and their inference on society. Parents, and now even politicians, are throwing video games under the bus. They claim that video games are causing their children to develop into nonfunctioning people in society. They originally claimed that people who spend all day playing video game end up living with their parents and are “bums”. They are now claiming that video games are now bad for the development of children and that violent video games lead to people committing violent crimes such as mass shooting. In this proposal, I would like to see if people who play video games can enjoy games and still be develop into a proper citizen in modern society.

In the news, mass shootings are usually blamed on two things, mental depression and video games. In the news article from The Irish Times, written by Deidre Falvey, it states, “Research conducted this year at York University, using a large sample, backs other studies showing no direct link between games and violent behavior.” The article covered the Florida shooting at a local Gaming Bar that was holding a competition. This research showing that video games and violence don’t go hand in hand. When it comes to being a working member of society people assume that gamers can’t make a living and should just get a “real job. Gamers now can make millions just off playing video games. A gamer who made it big is known as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He is one of the best players in a game known as “Fortnite” and has made it big from streaming his time in the game. According to ESPN, “And finally, like street busking, there are donations. (The largest donation Blevins can remember receiving is $40,000.) Off subscriptions alone, Blevins makes an estimated $300,000 a month. That’s not factoring in his sponsorships, which include Samsung, Red Bull and Uber Eats, or the revenue from YouTube, Instagram and other sites.” He makes more money from playing video games in 1 month than most Americans make in one year. This shows that in society, gamers can contribute and not live in their parent’s basement.


Sources .E. Ten. Accessed on 5/13/19 D. Falvery. Accessed on 5/13/19

Cruelty Free Makeup

Rahman Amina

English 1121-E106



Cruelty Free Makeup

What is cruelty free makeup? Are you possibly wearing them? Did you know cosmetic companies do makeup testing in labs on innocent animals, until their skin have literally disintegrated.


One day I walked past The Lush Cosmetic store, and on the window I saw a cruelty free experiment conducted to raise awareness of the use of animals, to test cosmetics for humans. Three things that I will be raising awareness about are: the importance of using cruelty free makeup, the positive effects,  and negative side effects of it.


Why cruelty free makeup? Cruelty free makeup is not tested on animals. They are less toxic. You’re less likely to harm your skin, and harm an animal. Be a diligent shopper when buying makeup products. You want to be aware of what you’re applying on your face. You can ask a beauty advisor,  or you may also do your own research online, to make sure the product is cruelty free. Buy cruelty free makeup to save an animal, and also on your skin.


What’s good about cruelty free makeup? Cruelty free makeup doesn’t have thousands of products that you won’t have to worry about. This won’t affect your skin. A device, a lung on chip, is lined with human cells and can be used instead of animals. They also test on human tissue, and vitro testing. Even tissues that are donated from surgery, biopsies, cosmetic surgery, and transplant. The skin, eyes, the body of a human is tested, and are used to replace the cruel rabbit testing.

Lastly, What’s bad about cruelty makeup ?  It causes death in animals. Some animals suffer from the chemical poisoning,  which would force them to live the rest of their life isolated. It poses an inhumane treatment. In the Draize test, eyelids of a rabbit were held back three days during this testing. Rabbits experience discomfort. Draize test has become a world wide phenomenon.  Animals are suffering and dying from dangerous testing. Cruelty makeup are expensive. “Providing shelter, food, and care for the animals.” Procedure takes several months and grow more cost to build on.


Overall, we have learned even though there are many cons of cruelty-free makeup the pros outweighs the cons because cruelty-free makeup can help save the lives of many animals. It does not cause harm externally or internally to animals, and it is humane. There are many brands that we use on an everyday basis, that are very popular and often propagandized by the media, and many beauty influencers who promotes brands. These brands that does this are usually M.A.C cosmetics, Estee Lauder, and Benefit Cosmetics. We need to stop engaging in the use of these brands, and start using cruelty-free makeup. Although they may not be as propagandized by the media, they do exist. For example: Wet N Wild, E.L.F cosmetics, Milk Makeup and NARS. The options are not limited. Stop the use of animal tested makeup now.




“Testing Cosmetics on Animals: An Idea Who’s Time Has Gone.” Testing Cosmetics on Animals: An Idea Who’s Time Has Gone. Accessed May 14, 2019.


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Research Group Project

Student Name: Muaz Alkabass, Jelani Barro, Bilal Javed
Course and Section Number: ENG 1121 E115
Date: 4/30/2019

UNIT 3 Worksheet 2 brainstorming your Research Proposal
Write a short draft (at barest minimum, 4 paragraphs) in which you present a proposal for research. In this proposal you will state your problem and tell the reader how your inquiry will potentially shed new light on this problem. Whom (what individuals or groups) will your inquiry benefit? How might your inquiry be of benefit to them (socially, economically, etc etc)? Show us how you are bringing some new perspective to an understudied area of this problem.
(To put this another way, this paper is where you tell us, enthusiastically, why you care about your issue, and why we should care as well.)
At the end of your Proposal. create a List of Relevant Sources in proper citation format and a short explanation of why each is helpful/relevant/has bearing on this topic.

We feel that it is important to open up further discussion and analysis of taking precautions while participating in any sports, whether it’s bowling, hiking, or wrestling. These three activities, were our skills we chose to write about during our genre exercises throughout the course. We were given the opportunity to participate in this research exercise as a team. We feel that this is a very fitting opportunity, as our skills were all related to sports, and most sports require participating with team members.

It is important to us, because such discussion would bring the following potential benefits to anyone who is willing to participate in any extraneous activities. Here are some examples for each of our skills:
• Selecting the correct ball
• Using good form while bowling.
• Correct shoes for the alley
• Packing emergency equipment
• Proper disposal of waste
• Good navigation skills
• Proper safety gear
• Proper form
• Good health condition

This discussion would foster awareness of the importance of being safe, and practicing good habits for anyone who wishes to participate in of these sports. These habits will foster positive experiences for all participants and team members if applied.

This awareness is important because following the proper rules and guidelines will harness safety, not only for themselves, but also for all other participants or perhaps other team members. For example: proper form in bowling can prevent wrist injuries as this is most common occurring injury in this sport, for hiking proper disposal of litter can prevent fire hazards, and in wrestling proper head gears can protect against brain injuries.

List of Relevant Sources:
“Bowling Injury Risk Factors.” Twin Boro Physical Therapy,
This source was very helpful because the information gathered from this, was from actual injuries that were being treated by physical therapists.
“The Hazards of Bowling | e-LawLines.” e, 18 Apr. 2018,
This source was very helpful because the information gathered from this, were injuries that actually occurred and were seeking some sort of compensation from this law firm.

“Fire Safety.” American Hiking Society, 9 Aug. 2018,
This source was very helpful because it provided information about causes and prevention of fire.
Kevin’s Hiking Page,
This source was very helpful because it provided information about injuries from hiking and tips for prevention.
Advanced Solutions International, Inc. “Preventing Wrestling Injuries.” Wrestling Injury Prevention,
This source was very helpful because it provided information about injuries from wrestling and tips on how to prevent them.


Link to video:

Tesha’s Research on Patience & Spoken Word

Tesha Donald

Eng 1121 E106

Professor: Schmerler

Research on Patience & Spoken Word

Spoken Word as it relates to patience was my course of research. Spoken word on its own can be used to incite all forms of oppressions and inequalities that people may face. I chose Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise” as my example because she speaks of overcoming and the constant battles you face and the patience you must endure because not every day will be a loss but one day will be a win. The issue that may arise is that very often spoken word as it often has to do with patience indirectly can incite negative criticisms and have negative impact even though it is trying to exhibit awareness.

Spoken word has always been a way to tell a story from origins till now Native Americans, Africans, and many cultures have used it. As of most recently it has taken on a new shape and form and contributed into people having a platform to recite issues with having the most effective way of touching its audience. Since conception spoken word has always taken on the platform of the oppressed making headway by having determination and patience to push through.

People will say ignites hatred to be spewed because as much as we would like to say we only talk about injustices there are those who use spoken word to recite and spread hate. Nazi supremacy groups, Klu Klux Klan members etc. have all used this platform and then comes in to play how leaders like Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and even musical artist such as Jay Z have used their platform to alter the negativity with positivity and counter their actions. They have stated time and time and what is to be evident that patience is the key. Everyone’s story is different yet they are somewhat the same. They look to reach the masses utilizing spoken word and invoking or awakening their spirit. Generally this requires some sort of patience and exuberance.

Throughout my research I have found spoken word is incited by religious leaders and even have listened to different sort of works. Interpretation plays a big role in spoken word and when used for overall good can lead others to see things that perhaps they were partial or impartial to prior. People of the world wear a blind eye sometime to the several issues or state that they are overplayed, but in rare form we see that it can be used to sprout hate.

















Research Proposal

worksheet 2

Kiara Deolio
Prof. SSchmerler
English E106

I feel that it is important to open further discussion and analysis of making more areas for
people to roller skate, so it could be safer. As of right now people only have parks, skating arenas
and bike lanes on the streets to skate in public. Not all streets have bike lanes so it could be very
dangerous if multiple cars were to pass by someone skating and not be aware of them on the side
of the road especially at night. If there were more bike lanes or smaller lanes for people to skate,
then drivers would be more caution when driving. The article Avoid Bikelash by building more
bike lanes by Michael Andersen states that by not having more bike lanes it could slow down
drivers and cause more traffic, making it a disadvantage for everyone.
People of all ages can benefit from making more areas to roller skate. Instead of taking
public transportation roller skating can eliminate the cost of a train ride or a bus ride for a person.
The article Exercise Benefits of Roller Skating by Roller Skating Association International states
“Just one hour of moderate roller skating burns 330 calories for a 143-pound person” which
means that skating can be a benefit to a person’s health all while commuting to their destination.
The article also states, “Kids may not realize that while they are socializing with their friends on
skates, the activity itself is better than running the same distance.” Meaning that not only does it
benefit adults on the go is help kids socialize while exercising and having fun.
Another reason why making more areas for people to roller skate can be of benefit is
because there will be less theft. Most bikes that people leave chained to a pole end up with the
seat missing or with the front wheel missing but with skates they can easily be put away in a
locker or be put away in a bag. According to Skating: A Full-Fledged Means of Transport by
Alexandre Chartier “A pair of skate’s weights about 3 kg and doesn’t take much space, it is easy
to carry and store. It is about the same weight as the average laptop.” Meaning people and
parents won’t have trouble carrying around their skates or their children’s skates.
In addition, if more people get into roller skating then there will be more awareness that
with practice and proper equipment then it could be safe and there would be less injuries.
According to Roller Sports Safety, an article by ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention
Foundation “Inline skating injuries can be prevented in 90% of circumstances. The likelihood of
visiting the hospital is 1 in 25 every year if you participate in inline skating.” Meaning that with
proper safety precautions the only issue would be not having areas to skate that would be safe.
Therefore I feel that it is important to open further discussion and analysis of making more areas
for people to roller skate, so it could be safer.

Spoken Word

Tesha Donald E-106

Spoke Word: Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

In most cases, the genre of spoken word is used to express concern or outrage or passion or anger about a cause or issue that deserves attention. In my case, however, I am using spoken word to express something far less intense — but in my opinion, no less important: Patience.

Patience deserves attention, too. Here……

I chose spoken word as my genre to specifically write on and the impact it has on influence society as it takes on social issues.
For my example I chose Maya Angelou who is a renowned artist on so many social platforms. She often uses and is known for her poetry especially when performed in spoken word.
Maya Angelou has strong character and has often spoken on well-known social issues as they impact society. As society shifts from what is known for the norm of social issues I feel no matter what the issue she generally speaks strongly on one main social issues inequalities human beings face.
my thoughts are that artist utilize their platform to sway the listening audience in their way of thinking whether positive or negative and this brings awareness and sometimes adverse attention to the issues of inequalities.
Society on a whole at this moment continuously grow with issues of inequality ranging from not only racial issues, but gender inequalities, sexual preference and orientation are now the newly introduced struggles that society faces as some times they are integrated and sometimes stand alone.

UNIT 3 Worksheet 1 Inquiry Project

Student Name: Tesha Donald
Course and Section Number: E106
Date: 5/15/2019
UNIT 3 WORKSHEET 1 Note: the following are prompts to help you organize your work. Please make your answers clear and easy to read! Take all the space you need to answer the questions.

My general area of study is:

1. After doing some preliminary research, I am able to note below at least one argument / discussion / problem that surrounds my area of study:
Spoken word generally is vocalized and places emphasis on tone and body language. Very often we will see social issues being addressed in spoken word. What most commonly found is a very impactful social issue of hate in the world. Hate and ignorance around anything that people may not understand. Colorism, Race, sexual orientation and gender are examples of the social issues that spoken word is used to address.
2. The people or community of people most affected by this problem are…:
Spoken word can be seen as a catalyst and is used on all platforms whether on social media, used by artists that speak, sing, draw, paint to ignite and bring awareness to issues. This sometimes causes the issues to blow up sometimes positively or sometimes negatively.
3. Here are some key terms or phrases particularly associated with this issue. (For example, if your proposal is about hiking, you might use phrases like “manageable distances,” “maps,” “excursions,” “rough terrain,” “backpack,” “dehydration,” “survival in the elements,” “pathfinding,” et al.):
Key words you will often find is inequality, justice, hatred, sexism, racism, community distrust, hurt, struggle, discomfort, overcome, etc.

4. Here are the sources I have used so far to read about and otherwise learn about this issue. (Wikipedia, CNN, personal interviews, The New York Times, Psychology Today – whatever the source, please note it. Did you use the key terms you just listed, above, when you conducted your searches? If not, take some time and do so!):

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