Tesha Donald

Eng 1121 E106

Professor: Schmerler

Research on Patience & Spoken Word

Spoken Word as it relates to patience was my course of research. Spoken word on its own can be used to incite all forms of oppressions and inequalities that people may face. I chose Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise” as my example because she speaks of overcoming and the constant battles you face and the patience you must endure because not every day will be a loss but one day will be a win. The issue that may arise is that very often spoken word as it often has to do with patience indirectly can incite negative criticisms and have negative impact even though it is trying to exhibit awareness.

Spoken word has always been a way to tell a story from origins till now Native Americans, Africans, and many cultures have used it. As of most recently it has taken on a new shape and form and contributed into people having a platform to recite issues with having the most effective way of touching its audience. Since conception spoken word has always taken on the platform of the oppressed making headway by having determination and patience to push through.

People will say ignites hatred to be spewed because as much as we would like to say we only talk about injustices there are those who use spoken word to recite and spread hate. Nazi supremacy groups, Klu Klux Klan members etc. have all used this platform and then comes in to play how leaders like Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and even musical artist such as Jay Z have used their platform to alter the negativity with positivity and counter their actions. They have stated time and time and what is to be evident that patience is the key. Everyone’s story is different yet they are somewhat the same. They look to reach the masses utilizing spoken word and invoking or awakening their spirit. Generally this requires some sort of patience and exuberance.

Throughout my research I have found spoken word is incited by religious leaders and even have listened to different sort of works. Interpretation plays a big role in spoken word and when used for overall good can lead others to see things that perhaps they were partial or impartial to prior. People of the world wear a blind eye sometime to the several issues or state that they are overplayed, but in rare form we see that it can be used to sprout hate.

















Research Proposal