Tesha Donald E-106

Spoke Word: Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

In most cases, the genre of spoken word is used to express concern or outrage or passion or anger about a cause or issue that deserves attention. In my case, however, I am using spoken word to express something far less intense — but in my opinion, no less important: Patience.

Patience deserves attention, too. Here……

I chose spoken word as my genre to specifically write on and the impact it has on influence society as it takes on social issues.
For my example I chose Maya Angelou who is a renowned artist on so many social platforms. She often uses and is known for her poetry especially when performed in spoken word.
Maya Angelou has strong character and has often spoken on well-known social issues as they impact society. As society shifts from what is known for the norm of social issues I feel no matter what the issue she generally speaks strongly on one main social issues inequalities human beings face.
my thoughts are that artist utilize their platform to sway the listening audience in their way of thinking whether positive or negative and this brings awareness and sometimes adverse attention to the issues of inequalities.
Society on a whole at this moment continuously grow with issues of inequality ranging from not only racial issues, but gender inequalities, sexual preference and orientation are now the newly introduced struggles that society faces as some times they are integrated and sometimes stand alone.