Kiara Deolio
Prof. SSchmerler
English E106

I feel that it is important to open further discussion and analysis of making more areas for
people to roller skate, so it could be safer. As of right now people only have parks, skating arenas
and bike lanes on the streets to skate in public. Not all streets have bike lanes so it could be very
dangerous if multiple cars were to pass by someone skating and not be aware of them on the side
of the road especially at night. If there were more bike lanes or smaller lanes for people to skate,
then drivers would be more caution when driving. The article Avoid Bikelash by building more
bike lanes by Michael Andersen states that by not having more bike lanes it could slow down
drivers and cause more traffic, making it a disadvantage for everyone.
People of all ages can benefit from making more areas to roller skate. Instead of taking
public transportation roller skating can eliminate the cost of a train ride or a bus ride for a person.
The article Exercise Benefits of Roller Skating by Roller Skating Association International states
“Just one hour of moderate roller skating burns 330 calories for a 143-pound person” which
means that skating can be a benefit to a person’s health all while commuting to their destination.
The article also states, “Kids may not realize that while they are socializing with their friends on
skates, the activity itself is better than running the same distance.” Meaning that not only does it
benefit adults on the go is help kids socialize while exercising and having fun.
Another reason why making more areas for people to roller skate can be of benefit is
because there will be less theft. Most bikes that people leave chained to a pole end up with the
seat missing or with the front wheel missing but with skates they can easily be put away in a
locker or be put away in a bag. According to Skating: A Full-Fledged Means of Transport by
Alexandre Chartier “A pair of skate’s weights about 3 kg and doesn’t take much space, it is easy
to carry and store. It is about the same weight as the average laptop.” Meaning people and
parents won’t have trouble carrying around their skates or their children’s skates.
In addition, if more people get into roller skating then there will be more awareness that
with practice and proper equipment then it could be safe and there would be less injuries.
According to Roller Sports Safety, an article by ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention
Foundation “Inline skating injuries can be prevented in 90% of circumstances. The likelihood of
visiting the hospital is 1 in 25 every year if you participate in inline skating.” Meaning that with
proper safety precautions the only issue would be not having areas to skate that would be safe.
Therefore I feel that it is important to open further discussion and analysis of making more areas
for people to roller skate, so it could be safer.