Rahman Amina

English 1121-E106



Cruelty Free Makeup

What is cruelty free makeup? Are you possibly wearing them? Did you know cosmetic companies do makeup testing in labs on innocent animals, until their skin have literally disintegrated.


One day I walked past The Lush Cosmetic store, and on the window I saw a cruelty free experiment conducted to raise awareness of the use of animals, to test cosmetics for humans. Three things that I will be raising awareness about are: the importance of using cruelty free makeup, the positive effects,  and negative side effects of it.


Why cruelty free makeup? Cruelty free makeup is not tested on animals. They are less toxic. You’re less likely to harm your skin, and harm an animal. Be a diligent shopper when buying makeup products. You want to be aware of what you’re applying on your face. You can ask a beauty advisor,  or you may also do your own research online, to make sure the product is cruelty free. Buy cruelty free makeup to save an animal, and also on your skin.


What’s good about cruelty free makeup? Cruelty free makeup doesn’t have thousands of products that you won’t have to worry about. This won’t affect your skin. A device, a lung on chip, is lined with human cells and can be used instead of animals. They also test on human tissue, and vitro testing. Even tissues that are donated from surgery, biopsies, cosmetic surgery, and transplant. The skin, eyes, the body of a human is tested, and are used to replace the cruel rabbit testing.

Lastly, What’s bad about cruelty makeup ?  It causes death in animals. Some animals suffer from the chemical poisoning,  which would force them to live the rest of their life isolated. It poses an inhumane treatment. In the Draize test, eyelids of a rabbit were held back three days during this testing. Rabbits experience discomfort. Draize test has become a world wide phenomenon.  Animals are suffering and dying from dangerous testing. Cruelty makeup are expensive. “Providing shelter, food, and care for the animals.” Procedure takes several months and grow more cost to build on.


Overall, we have learned even though there are many cons of cruelty-free makeup the pros outweighs the cons because cruelty-free makeup can help save the lives of many animals. It does not cause harm externally or internally to animals, and it is humane. There are many brands that we use on an everyday basis, that are very popular and often propagandized by the media, and many beauty influencers who promotes brands. These brands that does this are usually M.A.C cosmetics, Estee Lauder, and Benefit Cosmetics. We need to stop engaging in the use of these brands, and start using cruelty-free makeup. Although they may not be as propagandized by the media, they do exist. For example: Wet N Wild, E.L.F cosmetics, Milk Makeup and NARS. The options are not limited. Stop the use of animal tested makeup now.




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