Rahman Amina

English 1121-E106


Prof SSchmerler



Fear is an unpleasant feeling caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. We all seem to have a fear of something that gets in the way of life. Some are scared of living things such as roaches, snakes, spiders, ghost and etc. We can all think about this for a second: is this what we’re scared of or is this all in our imagination. Fear as a child is way different than our adulthood.


As a child I was scared of almost everything. I was scared of big roaches. I would literally jump on a bed or chair and scream for my mom to come inside the room and kills it. My poor mom would laugh so hard and call me a scaredy cat. Another example, I was scared of drunk men. If I saw any drunk men in the streets while I’m with my mom I would always think they might attack me or my mom. Majority of people are violence when they are drunk, so I would never want to be around them. But there were a lot of them in my neighborhood.


Another example, not succeeding in life. There has been many times I thought of giving up on school. Every tear drop, struggle, and stress helped me to push myself everyday to become a better person. I try to study in between of going to school and working full time. This has been really tough on me. I’ve gotten very overwhelmed at certain points. I am working hard on my life and future in order to make them happy, especially for my mom. But most importantly without my two besties Meva and Rob, it has been both my motivation through it all. I thank them for always being there for me and helping me as much as possible.


Lastly, I’m afraid of losing my parents. People need to realize that as we get older our parents are getting old as well. It’s sad to say but true. We just don’t know when our time ends and only god knows. I would hate to see my parents go. It’s also sad that I have to  work so much that I don’t get to spend time with them. Life gets so busy and we forget to spend time and cherish those little moments.


These fears are definitely beneficial to me because I learned to love and have patience with myself. While growing up everything made sense to me. Being scared of roaches have never changed and that’s one thing that stayed constant. The only thing that I’m fearful of is of life and how life works. I believe we are born here for a reason and it’s all a test. People forget that. Maybe others view it differently, but I was born to be different and unique.