Project #1 Draft

Hey guys, My name is Tk, is the abbreviation of my name Tsang, Ka Yee. I born in Hong Kong, which is a part of China. Has the different policy of China, “One Country, Two Systems”, is a prosperous and many kinds of culture city. I graduated from Lower East Side Prep High School. I moved to NY around 3 years, so I wanna improve my English as fast as possible, that will be more helpful for my future life. I’m a optimists and quiet person, but when you get to know more about me. You may not think I’m a quiet person, I always non-stop talking and keep to making fun with you. By the way, I’m a typical Gemini girls, because I always capable of displaying different personality traits at different points of time. It doesn’t mean I’m a “melancholy and moody” person. Also, I don’t like to be pinned down by anyone or any rules, always need to experience the world on my own. I think Change and freedom are extremely important to me, will never let anyone dictate me. Sometimes I will turn of  my phone and stay at home, try to give some time for my brain. I love to play the different types of puzzle, is will keep my brain on. My design aesthetic involves a foundation of geometric, I fall in love of the geometric figure. I focus of the relationship and distance between the lines and points, then will create the perfect proportion of geometric.


The appearance of my avatar is black&white color and I use my hair cover my face then look into the left side. My avatar could be misleading because it not really show my face and using the black&white color then it will hard to understand me. That’s like I wanna hide myself and forbid people to know more about me, because of the action and color might make my avatar more mysterious.

My complete profile will convey who I am and my personality. Even though, I know my avatar not exactly show my personality, and still hide something. By the way,  I believe time will show everything if you wanna know more about me.

Discovery: Avatars

Ruky's avatar
Ruky’s avatar

Member Avatar: Ruky

What I observe:

  • Have the different wings (angle & evil)
  • Use the hand to cover his mouth
  • The red color hairs


  • He’s shy person
  • Have the double standard of his mind
  • The red color can show his innermost quality, like he can be a passion person.


I have chosen the avatar of Ruky to write because his avatar seems more innermost feelings to me. In his avatar I see a boy using his hand to cover his mouth, I think he’s a shy and passive person. I also see that he has two different wings behind him, which is angle wing and evil wing. Those two wings make me think that he has a double standard of his mind. Moreover, the boy has a red hair that mean he still have other different character. Because red color always mean love, passion, energy.

After I’m reading Ruky’s profile,  I ‘m not sure about my interpretations,  because he didn’t have enough details to let me know more about him. But I think the avatar mostly explain some character about himself.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1 Discover

My Discovery

               The three artifacts I discovered are two maple leafs and a stone. The first artifact is green maple leaf . It is a small and still green. It is more organic but also can be geometric. I found this leaf on the street around the Flatbush avenue.

The second artifact I found is other one maple lead. It has the different color of my first lead. The leaf is organic but also can be geometric. I found this leaf on the side walk. When I take the leaf, I imagine the autumn is coming soon.

The third artifact I found is a stone. The stone is organic since it was created by nature. I found this stone on the side walk also, I imagine it from road and was move between the car.

All these artifacts are some similar. The two leafs and s stone have different properties such as shapes. They are all found on the street, created and came from the nature.


Each one  approximately 10 minutes each/ an hour overall.