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Ruky's avatar
Ruky’s avatar

Member Avatar: Ruky

What I observe:

  • Have the different wings (angle & evil)
  • Use the hand to cover his mouth
  • The red color hairs


  • He’s shy person
  • Have the double standard of his mind
  • The red color can show his innermost quality, like he can be a passion person.


I have chosen the avatar of Ruky to write because his avatar seems more innermost feelings to me. In his avatar I see a boy using his hand to cover his mouth, I think he’s a shy and passive person. I also see that he has two different wings behind him, which is angle wing and evil wing. Those two wings make me think that he has a double standard of his mind. Moreover, the boy has a red hair that mean he still have other different character. Because red color always mean love, passion, energy.

After I’m reading Ruky’s profile,  I ‘m not sure about my interpretations,  because he didn’t have enough details to let me know more about him. But I think the avatar mostly explain some character about himself.

3 thoughts on “Discovery: Avatars”

  1. I feel as if this perfectly presents Ruky as a person. After reading his bio i can make alot of connections. For one this cartoon is in the style of Anime and Ruky primaraly is from Asia which is where these cartoons arose from and are very popular. I also notice that Ruky likes to listen to instrumental music, which is where i connect the cartoon covering its mouth because there are no words in instrumentals. Ruky is still learning english which is also another relation i made to the covering of mouth.

  2. Thanks for choose my avatar. Now I see how people think of my avatar, and your interpretations is very true. And i want to add something to your paragraph. The poor looking clothes, means i didn’t born with a gold spoon in my mouth. ;p

  3. What about the wings make you understand them as angel and evil wings? Description in the observation section will help give you language to talk about why you see them that way, which you can write about in the interpretation and initial paragraph. Since Jay and YingYang already chose this avatar, I would have liked you to choose a different one. What is different about your observations and interpretations compared to theirs?

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