ENG 1101 Project #2 Process

When we discussed about the word, “juxtaposition” during our class time, I was not sure what that word meant and I was kind of in between of what I was suppose to do for this project. I had few ideas on that we have to explain, but mostly I was thinking about “How am I going to explain about the walk I done around Brooklyn neighborhood.?” After searching up the word, it made sense to me on what I must do for the project. Mostly, the brainstorming part for the project helped me what I needed to include. It also made me able to refined my work as I kept reading the sentence over and over, until it made sense to the reader and if I missed any part of the element that I needed. I determined what to eliminate, when words were unnecessary to the topic that we are discussing in the project. Some of the sentence were weaker than the others, so I carefully eliminated if it was unnecessary or not. My classmates’s feedback was the most helpful things that I received. Since some of the part from the project that needed to be fix, was only visible to the other readers. I spend on brainstorming ideas about an half an hour, thinking about what kind of overlaps that I wanted to explain to the reader and also looking at the pictures that I took from the walk I done with my peers. Other than that, outlining took be about thirty to forty-five minutes, and the drafting was about three hours, and forty-five minutes on revising. So in total, the amount of time I spend of writing this whole project was about five hours.

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