Sound Visualization: Phase 3 & Phase 4

This is my Staccato / Legato project. It was an amazing experience for me to work on this project. What I liked the most about the project is we got to bring the thoughts and feelings to life as we listened to music. What we draw how was how we felt about the music we were listening to. Planning out the project took longer time than making it but I wasn’t surprised. I learned that from the last project. What I could have done better was scan the pictures with more appropriate dpi. In next project I will try to spend more time on creating the physical projects this way I can always go back fix the mistakes.


Staccato / Legato

This is my Staccato and Legato sound visualization. We listened to staccato music and drew patterns that represent staccato. Staccato music are where each sound or note in the music is separated from each other and in a legato music the sound is in a smooth and flowing manner without any breaks throughout music.

Shadin Animation

This is my animation of my staccato and legato project. We cut each boxes into separate pictures in photoshop. Then we took the pictures into Animatron and used the separate pieces to turn it into an animation.


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  1. The overall mashup with the music works well as a unit, as the drums alongside the staccato design seem to be reverberating with the other music piece and the legato design. I also liked how, in the animation, some of the pieces were made to move in a zigzagging path, giving the impression that they were bouncing off of other patterns, which had good synergy with the drums and snare in particular. The staccato reversal on the far right seems to flip into its place with the music too, so I thought that was a nice touch as well.

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