Why Is Art Undermine?

Wilfny Pelissier       Eng 1121


Why Is Art Undermine?


“Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts, expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power” stated on So our best bet is to see that art around us all the time. But some of us yet has come to realize this in the first place or aware of this is even possible. Whenever people see that this is true people will be able to appreciate art more. Art inspires us all in every aspect of our lives our food, the homes that we live in, and clothes that we wear. The real question is that do we neglect so much in our society.

There is a lot of mixed opinions about having a career in the art industry. The website is where people share their opinions why people may look down upon artist or people in the art industry. Chris Davis PhD, Learning Consultant/Coach says “ It is a question of values. The primary value of our time is economic benefit. Studying the arts is not perceived as a practical pursuit that translates into the economic benefits of studying engineering, business, or healthcare. As a question of values, there is no objective reason for arts should be looked down upon. What he is saying isn’t fully true but is not a lie. Art is especially important in history to tell and represent important moment in history. John Palmer, Retired Art Advisor, Fiduciary for the Artist and Collector defends artists and states Historical most artists do not make a great living. They require a social net for support. This is seen as mooching off of others and in most cultures it is looked down upon as being lazy. You will note that in society an Illustrator has a higher ranking than a Fine Artist, but in the “Art world” generally an Illustrator ranks lower. This makes me wonder what are the most paid artists 1. Art Director… 2. Art Agent/Business Manager. … 3. Art Professor. … 4.Commercial Artist. … 5. Animator. … 6. Interior Designer. … 7. Graphic Designer. … 8. Art Gallery Dealer. … 9. Advertising Designer. … 10. Freelance Writer, gathered from C. Johnson, Atari, SLAC, LSI, uP, DSL points out very important  topics that is are very relevant and he states that “My sense is that it tells us more about the person who has this judgement. They value work more than life…. Let me go further, an individual who states that art is irrelevant? Typically, when I hear such an opinion, it comes from a person with four views. View of themselves:: virtuous and superior. View of the world: competitive, troubled, needs their opinion to set things straight. View of others: irrelevant, inferior. View of what they feel: impatient, indifferent to opinions different than theirs. Art is a subjective media and it speaks to our feelings and emotions in terms of how we connect ourselves to what it means to have a life. Work is a means by which we may pursue our lifestyle, for some it is their purpose, but not for all.”

Gathering this information shine the light on the humanities values of society. We acknowledge the outcome of whatever product but not the idea that enables product, our imagination and creativity. The after is better than the before in this case. Our building block is imagination, creativity, and curiosity without this we wouldn’t be human we be something else. It is the matter a fact that we build up on these things made us more educated and advanced than our ancestors. This follows the notion that everyone is an artist but still people believe that they aren’t because they are disabling themselves of what they are fully capable of due to the assumption that it isn’t that important when on the contrary it is.

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  1. Sarah Schmerler

    I really like this, Wilfny. You are taking your inquiry in a great direction. I wanted to read it in class today, but we had no time. Maybe Wednesday?

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