Student Name: Faisal Rahman

Course and Section Number: ENG-1121, E-106

Date: 05/24/19


UNIT 3             Worksheet 2          brainstorming your Research Proposal

I feel that it is important to discuss about the lack of American interest for the global sport of soccer. Soccer is the most famous sport in the world, with an estimated fan base of 3.5 billion people. But in the U.S, soccer ranks at 7 as the most favorite sport.

This discussion will bring light to the reason why so many people around the world are so fond of soccer. It will reveal to the everyday American what they are missing and how they should approach the game of soccer to enjoy the true beauty of the game. It would help us to reconnect to the world and have good relationships with other countries. It would teach the people of U.S unity and benefit of teamwork. And I think all of us can agree on the fact the unity is something that this country lacks a lot.

There is a reason that almost half of the population of the world are fans of what they call the “beautiful game”. The simplicity of soccer is one of the main reasons for its popularity. All you need is a soccer ball and you are good to go. You can use sticks or even your back packs to set up the goal posts. Because of this anyone can afford it. But simplicity is not the only reason for its popularity. The games are non-stop 90 minutes of jam-packed of actions, strategies, passion and perseverance. But despite that majority Americans think that the sport is boring. And their patience, or lack thereof is to blame.  The American argument that it is a boring game is false. They think soccer is boring because of the few goals that are scored in a game. But in reality, there are always something that is going on in the field. If you blink you may miss a lightning slide tackle or a thunderstruck shot at goal. Other than the strategical buildup in the midfield, shot saving from the goal keepers, running through the wings are all exciting things in a soccer game. Soccer is like a chess game where the pieces are highly mobile and less restricted to move. Like in chess, there are key players whose general position are in strategic positions from where a fast attack can be launched. Those positions, which are typically in the midfield region are also good for transitioning to defense.

Since soccer is a team game and to play or understand the game you need to have or at least develop of team player mentality. People in the states are ditching the idea of teamwork. They mostly care about themselves and don’t like to help others. If this keeps up, we won’t be able to function as a society. Soccer can teach us to care about one another again through the spirit of teamwork.

Soccer is like the language of the world. since, so many people know and are passionate about soccer, it is the ice breaker, the conversation starter and the friend maker. This is the expression that billions of people, around the globe, use as a medium to connect to one another. We are being left out. We are being isolated from the rest of the world. There are many other things to blame for the slow isolation, but rejecting the ambassador of the world is a very critical one.