UNIT 3 WORKSHEET 2 Inquiry Project       

Student Name: Tingting Chen

Course and Section Number: ENG1121(E-115)

Date: 05/05/2019

I  feel that it is important to open up further discussion and analysis of shuttlecock, because it’s a easy and fun sport that everyone can play and get unbelievable benefits. As a traditional folk sports, shuttlecock has exited for more than 2000 years in China. The International Shuttlecock Federation was founded in 1999. World Shuttlecock Championship was held in different countries all around the world in recent years.


Such discussion would bring the following potential benefits. Exercise can be fun, like shuttlecock. Comparing to other sports, shuttlecock can make people healthy, but in a relatively easy way and help people to build body coordination.  That’s why you always could find some seniors playing shuttlecock very well in public parks or squares in China. It’s one of the Chinese traditional culture. More and more Chinese pay attention to get healthy by exercises. If seniors can play shuttlecock, the young people and teenager also can play it too, wherever in a house, studio or schools. Shuttle is a great way to relax from the pressures of the day and connect with friends and family.


This discussion would foster awareness of finding love and caring around you. By kicking shuttlecock, maybe you could make new friends, find different love from your families and get better relationship with people around you. As a competitive sports, shuttlecock also could build your confidence and teamwork cooperations. These are lifetime benefit.


This awareness is important because we care about our families and friends just like how they care about us.


List of Relevant Sources :


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(General information about shuttlecock)

  1. Still kicking a shuttlecock at 70”,  https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d3d414f784d444e7a457a6333566d54/index.html       

          (An example of one senior play shuttlecock well and get benefit.)