Submitted by: Wael Nagy

Course: ENG 1121/ E106

Date:  5/15/2019

Professor: Schmerler


My journey

Dear Professor,

My journey starts 5 months after I came to The United States. It began so hard for me as I am not English native speaker also my first time attending college in America, it was a big challenge for me. Term after term I start to use to it. The best class that I have ever toke in college is ENG 1121, which is not usual; usually, my English class is my worst class. When I came to class I feel excited and start to prepare for the class one day before which is also not usual. I learned too much in this class, I learned how to write without doubt form making mistakes, I learned how to organize my ideas before start writing. I felt a big difference before and after taking the class. Some of the material that the class covered an I felt it helped me a lot is the constraint assignment, yes the constraint assignment, some may see it not important as I see it, for me it very benefited for me it shows me that nothing impossible either the writing or any other aspects in life, it may look hard but not impossible. For example, when I start to write about a topic I feel that so hard to gather information about that topic but once I start to write it become easy.

Actually, I learned a lot from the English class but the thing that I felt it helped me inside and outside the class that topic (constraint). Really I want to thank my professor for the effort that she did with us.

Sincerely: Wael Nagy, 5/15/19