Amani Shihadeh
ENG 1121 – D439
Final Portfolio
UNIT 1 – Literacy

In unit one we explored writing exercises as a warm up to the semester. I liked that were able to express our fears in writing, at the time I wasn’t sure what to write about I know I’m scared of many things but out of everything I chose spiders to write as my fear. Although I am seriously afraid of them, I wish I can go back and chose something else maybe like death or aging. I never was asked to write about my fears, so it did interest me when we were asked to write on it. We also discussed our influences like TV shows, books, music etc. and placed them on our “shelf” which was also fun to talk and write about.

When I see it, I run. Others scream, when I look further its fast to run and hide. They come in all shapes and sizes, more legs than others, I fear arachnids. Arachnids are little creatures that can be found indoors and outdoors. When I see them, I call someone else to come kill it but the second you turn around its gone. I wish arachnids didn’t exist.
                                                          TV SHOWS/ INFLUENCES
Greys anatomy: By Shonda Rhymes – This show has taught me many life lessons, not to take anyone or anything for granted. It shows us how fast life can change within seconds and overall it speaks to your heart and makes you want to grab “your person” and hold onto them for dear life.
Power: By Courtney Kemp – This show has changed my perspective on New York City and all its drug dealing truthfulness. There is some serious life lessons within every show. It has also taught me the many devious doings of our justice system.