March 31, 2019 12:15pm at Junction Blv

Awesome got here right on time i see the train coming, i have 15 min to get to work i should be fine with time,  ‘screech,  air being let out’ great this cart is packed with people, ughh its only two stops. ew ew don’t touch me, move. ” stand clear of the closing doors please”  “achoo” did that guy really just sneeze right next to me  and not cover his f$#@# mouth !!! god people are so gross i need to get a car i cant deal with public transportation anymore. finally here “excuse me”




April 1, 2019 5:21pm at the train station Roosevelt Av, 74th street

Shit,shit, Ima be late, gotta make before the next train gets there.
Yes I see it ok, got 45 minutes to get there
Gotta make it down the stairs first, ‘walking fast’ speeding down the stairs, get out the way!!! If you’re gonna go down the stairs slowly then move to the f@#$#@  side, “excuse me, excuse me!” If they’re gonna be on their phones why are they standing in the middle?? Finally made it, i hear the train lit, screeching, doors opening, train starts to move, this stop is so long, ‘ cough’ cough’ “Roosevelt island “ ding train starts to move.