Breathing in

with eyes closed.

Suffocating from within,

I’m lost in abyss of thoughts.


Crowded mind,

Be quiet!

The reaction is mild:

I’m crying.


Letting go tears,

Clear and free.

Everything disappears

In the endless sea.


I’m dissolved in the air

With silence inside.

Flowing nowhere

With nothing to hide.


Raindrops falling

From the gloomy sky.

The water is pouring

Nature’s lullaby.


Body’s asleep

But mind is awake

To find the answer,

To find a break.


Flies to the mountains,

Flies to the seas.

Nowhere or everywhere

The one with the breeze.


Bundle of energy,

Emotions and means

Searching for purpose,

Realizing her dreams.


The goal is set,

The way is clear.

Don’t you dare to forget

That love lives here.


Long, steady flow

Sets free all doubt.

I feel the glow

And breathing out.