Anything edible


Empty mouth

available hands


time to eat


  1. Pick a time of day that you are going to eat and for how long
  2. Find any type of food that you want to eat, along with a good portion so that you don’t end up hungry too early after you eat.
  3.  Have something to eat your food with, hands, utensils, whatever.
  4.  Take a small portion with whatever you’re using to eat (bite-size/chewable size)
  5. Take a few bites of your food until it is small enough to swallow. (You should know how to swallow. If you don’t that’s too bad because you will die of hunger 🙂 )
  6. Continue at your own risk and pace until all the food is done.
  7. Now enjoy being full for like 2 more hour unless you’re a “fatass” like me.