Facebook book is probably one of the most popular, and used social media out there. If I were to remember a couple years back, that time period is when I had used Facebook the most. However as of today I don’t see Facebook the same way as I use to. The reason for this is due to the rapid change, and friends. Majority of my friends left Facebook because there are a lot more better social media, and etc. Facebook back then aloud me to post all sorts of goofy stuff, so it’s also part of the fact that I am now an adult with more responsibilities. Now that I’m getting older, I began to realize that the older adults, friends, and relatives that I’m close with are adding posts, and a few pictures on their Facebook account. The older ones only post because they want to update the ones that they also know best in their life, unlike kids they have the audacity to post things even though they know that the friends they have on Facebook are complete strangers. My purpose for posting on Facebook is blurred, but adults older than not so much.

“Myspace Outage Leaves Millions Friendless.” Is my favorite.

I rarely have rules with me whenever I’m writing, but If I was to think of one it would be to have some sort of a attention grabber. I struggle the most with poems. Writing poems is like telling me to solve a triple digit multiplication problem without a calculator.