Fear: The fears that I have are to fail. To fail to me means I have worked so hard for such a substantial amount of time and let me down but also the ones that matter most to me in life. All the ones that care about me have all wanted me to succeed and some want me to succeed because I am to attempt what those couldn’t. I want to be able to do what I want and show those who didn’t believe in me that I beat them. From a constant torment all in the life that I have lived to take down what I love it is to me to take all that and achieve what I want and rub it all in the faces who wished bad. To succeed and not fail the tasks I have is all I need to do to be able to feel the life I had was successful and complete and make those around me content.


Cure: Ways via overcome my panic concerning failure is via give myself promise one you may use failure to fly via greater lengths.

(Ways to overcome my fear concerning failure is to give myself hope that I can use the failure to get to greater lengths in life.)