Fears and Cures

Fears:  I’m afraid of sharks and snakes. i don’t like the look of snakes and how they eyeball you like he wants to eat you. Don’t get me started on how he slither towards his food –  i am the food! – . Snakes have the audacity to climb on us but whats worse are the sharks – this is the reason why i don’t run towards the ocean when i am at the beach.  sharks attack with no hesitation. he smells fear but if there is a scratch.. BLOOD ! its over for me!i am done. this is the reason i am afraid of sharks and snakes. DO NOT GET MY STARTED ABOUT INSECTS!!!!!!!!

Cures: we are on a universe where we can escape our nightmares however when we close our eyes the nightmares are there. i refuse to go anywhere where there is snakes,sharks or even insects.

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  1. Sarah Schmerler

    Aaaaagh! I got scared and started to panic just reading.
    You convey emotion well!

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