Tesha’s Commute Life To School!


  1. Sarah Schmerler

    I like the flower you drew, as well.
    I went into the post and edited the photo (the “pencil” icon, then “edit original”) to turn it sideways and make it larger (“full size”).
    Nice work! I am glad you got to school on time and all went as planned.
    That said, I am guessing you found the assignment unusual…not as planned. I am going to ask the class to reflect upon that soon, and welcome your input.
    All my best,
    -Prof. S.

  2. Tesha Donald

    Thanks for switching it around for me ,my how I did struggle with that. So far it’s been so good , I like that it’s not your average bore of a class room environment. It definitely is keeping me on my toes and curious as to what can be expected. I suppose the unexpected is to be expected

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