Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This project was pretty interesting, because I did not use paint ever since elementary school. I remember when I was mixing color back than, however comparing it to now it is very different. I had to learn new vocabulary such as saturation, value, temperature, lamination, etc to help me do the project 4. At first, I had trouble with the paintings, however from our critique I learned many things that I should have done instead to make it a very successful piece of art. I really liked phase 3 instead of phase 1 or 2 since we used Illustrator to help us create our band poster. It seems that I am very fit in using technologized material instead of working with paints.

Saturation Studies: Phase 3

My partner was Klever Cobena, we worked on phase three where we followed the three cars that was already provided for us. The color (Cool), composition (cross-sensory) and style (Iggy Pop). We chose the colors between blue and green, however I added one violet color which I add in more blue to make it cool color. Some may notice that there is a white part of my phase three. It was intentionally, because I used the example from Van Gough-Cafe, where we talked about in class.


Saturation Studies: Phase 2

For the chromatic studies, I learned that we have to add a large amount of the complimentary colors which is a opposite color that shows in the color wheel (ex. yellow and violet). Muted Studies, I learned that you must add a little complimentary colors and add in white. However, putting so much color would lead into pastel which we do not wanted. Finally, I learned that in prismatic studies, you do not need add anything to change.

It was pretty hard making chromatic colors and muted broad and high key. I had to redo them which I will take picture and update after I get the project back. I redone the muted high key and for prismatic high key. What I also learned was I thought that I must add white to make high key, however we do not need to use white. It took me about three to four hours for each studies. Over all, I learned many things, such as chromatic, muted, prismatic, saturation, value, etc. In addition, I think I was able to learn a new skills in painting where I never would have, if I did not take this course.