Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This project was pretty interesting, because I did not use paint ever since elementary school. I remember when I was mixing color back than, however comparing it to now it is very different. I had to learn new vocabulary such as saturation, value, temperature, lamination, etc to help me do the project 4. At first, I had trouble with the paintings, however from our critique I learned many things that I should have done instead to make it a very successful piece of art. I really liked phase 3 instead of phase 1 or 2 since we used Illustrator to help us create our band poster. It seems that I am very fit in using technologized material instead of working with paints.

2 thoughts on “Saturation Studies: Phase 4”

  1. These are pretty amazing, I can imagine how long they took to create, cause I know. Good job, but the chromatic grays don’t really look like chromatic grays to me, other than that everything else is pretty good.

  2. I too had some trouble along the way with creating my compositions. Lots of revisions had to be done but I felt it was rewarding experience. I really got to learn through each experience and made mistakes that helped me grow as an artist. I like using technology too but I did had fun making pretty colors.

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