Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover






This feather has organic & angular elements to it, from its straight bone like center to its soft & flowing bristles. From the look of it one can assume it was plucked off of a sleeping pidgin to wake it up. The feather is not asymmetrical showing the bird to have gone through rough times.

-Peace of bottle cap:

It seems to have been stepped on & bent in a way that could look like a mouth smiling or frowning. Most likely being chewed by some squirrel before being tossed due the fact that it is not food.


With straight lines and rounded edges this object made writing a check extremely easy for someone before being lost in the abyss being their bag before being accidentally drop when they were searching for another object in their bag.

Discover: avatar

What I see:

– complete darkness

– simple black background


I see untapped potential unmatched with any one or anything. I see absolute freedom, a space open to new ideas.


I chose this image as my avatar do to its simplicity but yet I could make anything out of it. It could be anythin if your imagination is willing. I believe it is possible for an extremely simple image can fource anyone to over think because it can stand for anything so it is always open to interpretation which is what most art is used for, making people think.

Others may view this as a quick & easy way to do a project or doing the bear minimum with such a vague image & somewhat vague explonation.