Discover: avatar

What I see:

– complete darkness

– simple black background


I see untapped potential unmatched with any one or anything. I see absolute freedom, a space open to new ideas.


I chose this image as my avatar do to its simplicity but yet I could make anything out of it. It could be anythin if your imagination is willing. I believe it is possible for an extremely simple image can fource anyone to over think because it can stand for anything so it is always open to interpretation which is what most art is used for, making people think.

Others may view this as a quick & easy way to do a project or doing the bear minimum with such a vague image & somewhat vague explonation.


3 thoughts on “Discover: avatar”

  1. I believe the post was supposed to be about another member’s avatar but aside from that i love how you interpreted the image. Just like you, i can think very philosophically and i find it interesting how you chose such a dark color to interpret such great and delightful ideas. But what i can say though is that i feel as if you interpreted the image itself but didnt make any connections to yourself. Yes i agree and see a space open to new ideas, freedom, and uniqueness but i want to hear how it actually relates to you. Do you like the color black? Do you feel as if your this color personified? Do you like to wear black alot? Anything, just relate it back to you. But really, i seriously love how you interpreted the color BLACK ❤

  2. In a way that the image is so simple leaves more for the mind to interpret. When you mentioned that the image is so simplistic that you can make anything out of it I feel as though you are a very resourceful person whether it be with a lot of things or just simplicity in itself. You are able to make anything come from your abilities and it’s pretty fascinating. Most people would just look as black to be bland put behind this color there’s more to it and that’s what I believe is the conveyance here.

  3. This work will help you for Project #1, but as Marcus notices, it shouldn’t be about your own avatar. In using your own, what you’ve written doesn’t follow the requirements of the assignment. You can of course interpret your own avatar, but the assignment asked you to look at someone else’s as a way to interpret what you could not know about personally. It’s challenging but helpful in thinking about how we read images and to what ends.

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