Khondakar Taslim
Eng 1121 Sec. E115
Professor S. Schmerler
Date 1/2/19


Everyone wants to freedom in their life. I want to be a free person always. I do not like if someone forced to do something that you are not interested in. Freedom is a different meaning for everyone. I am lucky from this side. My parent always gave me the freedom of my choice. That does not mean whatever I want to get from them they just gave me no this not like that. I was a little quiet child when I was a little. I never bothered my parent or my siblings. When we grew up my parents try to listen to us. We never ask something that they can deny to do that. Also, they try to listen to us.
My parents always there for me what I need for my daily life I got a good opportunity to learn lots of things. My mom always used to tell us if I give you too much pressure to not to do something it will not work for you if you tight something very tight it will break. So she said I give you some freedom it will not spoiled you. When I was a child that time my freedom worked different ways. They taught me a lot of things. My mom made some rules that time with some freedom. Some rules were very hard to maintain in our life. They gave me freedom but not always. It does not bother me. Personally, I learned so many good things and bad thing a well. I think learning age is when you are a child because whatever you learned you will never forget it. Day by day you will understand where you should get freedom where not. I think everyone should follow some freedom areas.
My family always gave me the freedom of my career choices. they support me a lot. what I have my future planning they never forced me you are not allowed to make any decision by yourself. first, they try to listen to me then they were to correct me if I choose something wrong. why it is wrong. I love to be independent in my life. if you are dependent you will never explore something new. people should get the chance to be freedom otherwise you cannot express what you are. freedom is not bad but some areas you need to be careful.
My mom always used tells us I give you freedom but do not miss use it. Sometimes too much freedom can be dangerous. We need to understand actually about freedom. I see sometimes around me when people get too much freedom they don’t care about what they are doing is that good or bad. Too much freedom can convict crime and violations.
I think everybody should get freedom for their personal opinion. Everybody has own choices. Some cultural they don’t have freedom of choosing whatever choose others for the women or children t that’s it. Some country they don’t give any chance to speak up women or kid. I never had complained about freedom. I hope I will be a free person always.