Jackson Zhang
English 1121- E106
Date: 5/20/2019
The Final Portfolio

Dear Professor Schmerler,
As a student I have witnessed many ingenious teaching, and your teaching was one of them. This semester was a struggle for me in every class. I’ve had many obstacles that I had to face, and some I had to learn how to overcome them all by myself. In your class I learned a lot, and I actually payed a lot of attention in the class because It was both a fun, and interesting experience for me. Not only did I thought I was gonna learn the usual stuff they teach in English, but I got to learn new things that I know I’ll use in the future. An example would be the different genres that is used in any writings.
When it comes to writing essays I don’t really have the skills for it, however I’ve improved on what I needed to work on due to this class when we did all those grammar, and readings on people such as, Malcom X. I also improved because of the nice feedback that you give us. Overall I got a lot out of this semester with you professor, Schmerler.

Unit 1:
In unit one we had to share our fear, and cure without descending letters which was a great experience because It made me think more about it, and before I never really took it in consideration what I truly thought about my fear, and cure.
Fears & Antidote without descending letters
I have a fear of not able to see someone who is close to me ever. When we are too attached to another, we never want to break that bond. Humans are sensitive creatures. Not a lot of our kind can deal with death. Death is like cancer, but worst.
However there are some stuff we can do to reduce the risk, and we can think better rather than the cons.

Unit 2:
Unit two was different, totally a completely new style of writing for me. I was never aware of the genres that we were using in our life.
Recipe & Genre in style
How to play League Of Legends recipe.
Ingredients: Brain, computer, mouse, keyboard, wifi, determination, adaptation, ego
Acquire all the hard wares that you need.
Download the game.
Training/ practice.
Steadily climb in the position that you’re at.
Notes: Be sure to never have any false hope because league is a very irritating game sometime. Naturally you will get better.
Nutrition(prize): The rank you want, or be at. Could potentially be a pro gamer, or streamer.
Prep time: All depending on where you wanna get to.
Unit 3:
I felt like unit three was a little confusing at first, but later on I got the hang of it, and sorta liked the idea of me telling everybody something that I was experiencing in my life. It was also the first time that I had really put thought into it.
Unit 3 Proposal – Inquiry/Research
Job interviews can be very stressful, and time consuming for everyone who’s trying to land their dream job, or regular employment. I feel like finding work can be over doing it for interviewees sometimes. The feeling of not knowing whether you aced your interview, or the fact that you got rejected because of a better candidate with a higher standard. We can start changing that in ways that could benefit both sides.
We come here today to bring light on both sides. We all know that interviewees can’t stress it enough when it comes to the result. We can all agree that we just want direct result. Having direct result will save time, and ultimately help the interviewees move on to the next career. Especially in New York City where jobs are very limited. While interviewers are only trying to find the best person that fit the expectation of their company, I think most of the time, smaller companies will have a longer duration of letting a person know if they got the job.
There will be many candidates that will feel like they did good, and are waiting on a acceptance, or some sort of message to acknowledge them that they got the job. This will also lead to a longer, or waste of time for them finding a job again. Having to reject someone on it is not a fun job to do. Therefore it is a waste of time.
I believe that they should make it more specific when jobs are looking for requirements from future candidate, also to let them hold a more comfortable interview so that they know the real them (interviewees). I think that If a company are holding a group interview then they should be let know on that day. Especially towards the youth, they experience this more because most of them don’t have a lot of experience yet, but the ones that do have experience are at an advantage.
Unit 4 – Multi Modal
In unit four I had to create any type of video essay, video sports interview, video diary, and podcast for what I did in unit 3. I made a video, and in the process I had fun because It was my classmates that helped me combine one video into two.