Jackson Zhang

Section/E106 – Course/English 1121

Professor: S. Schmerler

Date: 3/1/19

Revision date: 5/19/19

Freedom through laws

Freedom today can almost be anything from, the freedom of being able to live, to the freedom being able to follow laws. We are born into a world today where we must obey laws, or else there would be consequences. Law is one of the most important factors in society today. Freedom to me is the result, and inspiration where one can do what they please without having to live in the shadows. Often, over the years, people have been incarcerated, and have died because society’s laws are advancing and we are caught up in the middle of it. Victims are sometimes forced to act violent in order to make changes in society. Laws can sometime be out of control, or abused. An example of an outrageous law is when China had placed a limit of having one offspring only. I was always that person that would wonder why some of the most unnecessary laws existed, and what would life be if they were never there.

As I got older, I began thinking about life more. There is a saying, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”, by Confucius. This quote applies to me every time I think about life. Laws are the most appealing to me in society. When I heard about someone becoming incarcerated I wonder if it was the criminal’s fault, or the law maker. I came to a conclusion that it was both party’s fault. My reasoning is because, when you create more laws it would mean more crimes. At the same time, it’s also the criminal’s decision for knowing there are laws, and decide to take matters violently instead of a peaceful way. I am not saying all laws should be free. Majority of them that people fight over today, and is to come in the near future would just make life easy if they were just gone.

There are many reasons why there would be laws. Laws, overtime can encourage people to form habits. What I mean by “encourage people to form habits” is the fact that back then laws/rules were formed to strengthen, and bring unity to people. People felt that it was the best option, and that these laws should keep on forming in order to preserve their peace. Therefore laws began to form continuously to the point where a country like North Korea, and China became communist countries. Some Laws can be beneficial, but some not so much.

Can there be a world where no laws exist ? That’s a very important question to a lot of people who cares, and don’t. I believe that having laws and certain laws is true freedom. Having a world where no laws exist would mean chaos. A great analogy of a world with no laws would be the movie called “The Purge”. Having laws is like freedom because, people are given chances. The ones that abuse the law are brainwashed into thinking it’s alright to keep disobeying, and that they’re gaining freedom, but in reality they are fighting a war.

Throughout life many people have been incarcerated for doing crimes, however when they are in prison they are restricted to the outside world activity. The incarceration of inmates and restricting them to connect with the outside world is like taking the right of someone’s life. Someone like Malcolm X who was a prisoner for 10 years was unable to do no more than read books only in prison as time passes. It is when we hit our lowest point that we are open to the greatest change, but sometimes we don’t get to fully embrace our possibilities, instead we are restricted by the rules that are put on our shoulders. Majority of the people in the U.S could likely be wrongly, and over incarcerated. The world’s incarceration number is steadily rising, as laws are formed so are crimes.

The closure of my freedom is the perspective of a lower magnitude of laws. My freedom has been restricted, laws are made where my comfort is steadily lowering. I believe laws are both important, and too much. My freedom isn’t backing down, and it’s not only affecting me, but also a lot others, some are more impacted than I am. I will always consider freedom as an act of being able to desire something, and executing that goal that we want. Therefore it’s nice to not have certain laws, but not too many, and not the unnecessary ones that makes our life harder.