Dear prof Sarah Schmeler

My journey this year was busy with work and school at the same time, which was exhausting, because i had to head to work right after I was done with all my classes. I used to go to work while I was very tired, but juggling two full time schedules was a first for me. However, I did not give up on either of them. My brother was able to help me out with work this semester, so that I could get a little rest after I was done with my classes. This journey has taught me how to work harder through my struggles. This semester, in this class I was able to meet such good friends who has helped me out when I needed their help or advise. This motivated me to continue to do better in school. I was also able to help other students as well, which really made love this class even more. Professor Schmerler made the class better with her creative style of teaching, and she had made the course easy by making herself available during office hours, and by using her excellent skills to teach the class, which made it easier to understand.