Analysis of “Trip Advisor” to Quest Diagnostics Testing Center


Who wrote it/the speaker: IT and Marketing Department employees of Quest Diagnostics. Healthcare professionals who knows the company protocol and people working on companies development.


The audience: medical professionals such as: physicians, nurses, medical assistants, phlebotomists, who is interested in going to medical field, patients who go to their annual check up to do their blood test.


The kind of community that is invested in or impacted by this writing: people who work for the Quest Diagnostics and people who go to get their blood drawn as a patient. On the other hand, as an employee they want to give their patients quality and safe services and on the webpage they have to put reliable information. Physicians who orders the tests and all the medical staff who keep tracks the results.


The purpose of this writing: this webpage is guiding, advicing, informing, educating people about different tests and their option in Quest Diagnostics Center.


Some key vocabulary or language terms you might find (if any) that are Common in this form of writing: names of different tests, phlebotomy, blood draw, diagnostic testing center, healthcare.


The sorts of ways that people try to write effectively in this genre: The Quest Diagnostic Center wants to make their webpage very efficient, convenient, clear, reliable, organized and affordable. The webpage needs to lead to other informations that people look for.