Genre could be many things as we speak. In society today, genre is used everywhere, however we don’t realize it but it’s very important to us. Genre is a form of style that we use to do things. Some examples that comes up in my mind are, rap, horror, action, adventure, comedy, country music, and etc.  My list of 10 genres that I encounter in my daily life are, Comedy, Rap, Pop, Drama, History, Science fiction, Sci-Fi, Biography, and Short story. Out of all the above if I had to choose two that I like best it would be comedy, and Short story. I favor these two genres because they are more beneficial to me than any of the others would. Comedy is introduced to people that wants to be humored, however while shorty story is for could be for almost anyone. Short story has a purpose which is to entertain, and get the readers to be hooked. The two genre, comedy, and short story are both using persuasion as a language being used on the audience. I say this because in a way comedy is the idea of trying to make you go against the logic that is being used, while short story also persuade you to keep reading because it makes you also fantasize about the situation.