” Shitty First Draft”

Faisal Rahman

Eng-1121 E106

  1. I used to write one draft for each paper or  piece of writing. I would spend hours trying to write the best i could. I would write down a line and erase it after reading it over and over.  It was not very pleasant, and made me hate writing. But now I have started to write  multiple drafts after learning that its very time efficient, and that the quality of the final paper also comes out much better than just writing one draft.
  2. I am new to writing multiple drafts. but for my last essay “suffocating freedom” i wrote four drafts. once i started to write, my ideas just kept pouring. But the ideas in each of the drafts came out different. I would blame my lack of experience with writing drafts for this. Like i stated above in question 1, I am used to writing only one draft per piece of writing, so when i wrote multiple drafts for “freedom” I could not contain my ideas. That’s why my drafts were not “down” drafts, “up” drafts and “dental” drafts. They were just drafts with completely different approach and ideas.
  3. I actually was not surprised at the title of the reading because professor Schmerler already told me how the first draft always comes out bad, and that i should just write down whatever comes to my mind(even songs, drawings) and just keep writing. SO when i read ” the shitty first draft” it was a lot like what prof. Schmerler taught us about writing drafts.
  4. I will have to get over my persistence to write the “perfect” piece of writing in one sitting or in one draft to be able to write a “shitty first draft”.